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The Buffacow is a new generation fashion-based professional photographer and TVC director.

He graduated from the School of Creative Media, City university of Hong Kong. A wide range of visual aesthetics nurtured him for both intellectually capable and technical competence.

He achieves commercial success expeditiously in less than 1 year after his graduation with his exposure of HSBC Credit Card Campaign 2017. A good understanding of photographic tradition combined with a new perspective of digital imaging, plus his unique sense of beauty upon fashion photography provide him with a solid foundation in professional practice.

His early visual styles were deeply influenced by the precise, detailed narrative work of Annie Leibovitz and by the innovative digital imaging technique of Nick Knight ; influenced by the decisively storytelling technique of Yoshiyuki Okuyama and by the visual aesthetic of Lacey. These creative influences make him not only a brilliant photographer but also an excellent storyteller. In addition, his artistry of digital images is translated beautifully into advertising photographs and fashion shots. His outstanding craftsmanship and communication skills make him one of the top photographers in Hong Kong in the field of professional photography, and a promising up-rising video director.

He is currently based in London, working on his MA Fashion Image degree in Central Saint Martins.



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